Top 3 des ordinateurs portables pour 2018!


Dave2D comparaison des meilleurs ordinateurs portables en 2018 pour les jeux et l'édition. Comparaison de la qualité de fabrication, des performances, des haut-parleurs, du clavier, du trackpad, de la durée de vie de la batterie et du prix.
Skins pour ordinateur portable –
MSI GS65 –
Aero 15X –
Razer Blade 15 –
GM501 –
XPS 15 –
XPS 15 2 en 1 –
LG Gram 15 –

Avis individuels:
XPS 15 2-en-1 –
Razer Blade 15 –
Asus GM501-
ZenBook Pro –
Aero 15X –
MSI GS65 –
LG Gram 15 –

Crédits Musicaux:
Fili – La pause

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  1. Hi Dave, I'm struggling to pick a new laptop, should I go XPS 15 or Mac book pro ? I don't play game im in more in workstuff but I need a convinince system, do you know which one is the best?

  2. What do u recommend for university? I got the XPS 15 but it‘s not delivered yet :-). A bit gaming, but mainly office, streaming and coding. It should last at least 6 years without any problems

  3. Thank you for this. I'm throwing my macbook out the window and wanted to go back to PC. Been since 2006, can't wait to go back to PC laptops… Also iPhone 7 is my last iphone, going to android or damn nokia flip phone lol

  4. The Dell XPS 15 gave me loads of problems, that could be traced back to 2 main issues. First, the motherboard kept failing on me, and had to be replaced on multiple occasions. Second, the bloated battery that caused my trackpad to rise. The most disappointing news was that these two issues are well-known and known to Dell, and yet they consciously chose to do nothing about it. I have since traded in the laptop.

  5. Please use "thunderbolt 3" term when the usb-c is a TB.. i hate when someone say just usbc.. okey, is it real usb or it is tb3. And if it is usb, what gen? And etc. Most of the things i see currently are using usb 3.0, and i definitely don't understand why they put 3.0 (gen 1) when there is 3.1 (gen 2).. When it won't be thunderbolt 3 i think the port should be gen 2, damn. That's why there is STILL no great and best laptop, even after so much models and companies – there is always a thing that suck, and suck too much.


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