Top 3 des ordinateurs portables bon marché pour les étudiants!


Besoin d'un ordinateur portable bon marché pour l'école? Ce sont les meilleurs ordinateurs portables pour les lycéens et les étudiants autour de 600 $!
Acer Aspire 5 –
Lenovo 320S –
Asus UX330 –
Dell 13 "Inspiron –

Sac à dos –

Ordinateurs portables pas chers Skylake
400 $ – HP Pavillion –
400 $ – Lenovo 310S –
550 $ – Lenovo 510S –

Acer Aspire 5 Review –

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  1. Hope this video helps the people looking for some inexpensive laptops. If you need to get something even cheaper (like $300 or less) buy a chromebook, not a windows laptop. Thanks for watching my stuffs!

  2. If you're a "student" all you typically need is type an essay on it or maybe use it as a source for a power point presentation in class, or maybe watch some youtube in your free time

    a good tool to fullfill the "students" purpose doesn't need to cost much over 200 bucks these days unless you do some actually compute power intensive stuff.

    i mean yeah spend 600 bucks if you have that kind of money as a student to have a semi passable gaming mashine but really that's luxury. other than that how do you legitimize spending 400-600 dollars for a skylake mashine if litterally all you ever open is google chrome, word and powerpoint? being a student means you're super short on money for most people…


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