Smartphone Batterie Explosion? Nous allons vous montrer comment c'est! Trois marques


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34 Commentaires

  1. I replaced an iphone battery for a friend of mine. Then I told him we had to make the old one safe for disposal. He wasn't sure what I meant. I said, "we need to stab the old battery". He said, "Well I have this letter opener.." I said, "Perfect" and set the battery outside on a concrete sidewalk and stabbed it with the letter opener. At first, nothing happened, all you could see was a red glow around the area where the letter opener pierced the battery. Then I pulled the letter opener out of the battery and that's when it burst into flames. Then I said, "Now you see what I mean about making it safe for disposal. Wouldn't want to make a trash truck catch fire!"

  2. Reminds me of a news piece about the stupidity of airport security rules (TSA).
    Security take all your things away at the security gate, liquids sharps etc.

    But you can go to the newsagents get:
    Drinks flask.
    Duracell lithium batteries.

    Fill the condom with a bit of water.
    split the battery open and put in the flask.
    Put the condom in the drinks flask attached to the lid hole.

    And there you have an improvised grenade.
    Just shake it to wake it.. 🙂


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