Ordinateurs portables: ce que je voudrais et ne voudrais pas acheter, janvier 2018


Lisa Gade vous raconte l’état de l’ordinateur portable et du PC convertible d’Ultrabooks aux ordinateurs portables de jeu, aux tablettes convertibles Always Connected avec processeurs Snapdragon, à AMD Ryzen en Mac et vous indique si vous souhaitez acheter ou non. Les générations de processeurs, les cartes graphiques et toutes ces bonnes choses entrent en jeu ici. .


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  1. i bought this laptop HP Spectre x360 – 15-ch012nr two days ago and last night I installed only like google chrome in this laptop and next day suddenly it crashed i turned it back on and noticed charging is not working tested the adapter it was working. Tried some troubleshooting nothing worked then i called hp they told me to reset it by pressing turn on/off key for 40 seconds then charging started working but after 5 minutes it crashed again then i started searching and find out alot of people has same problems with this model. i am returning it right now. not risking my 2k$.

  2. Request: Whenever you're doing a video – and discussing a particular computer – you should add an image on the side of the video along with name of computer you're talking about. That will help viewers better follow the video. Just a suggestion. Thanks for your reviews. Very helpful.

  3. Are midrange laptops really that bad as reviewers make them out to be, is an i3 midrange laptop really a no go zone for someone who's only interested in surfing the net and watching movies or a series or two. Thanks for the super reviews.

  4. Hi I have a question? I do school work in auto cad, revit, inventor and all the adboe programs. i have my imac and a macbook pro but i need a labtop for school for auto cad and revit and 3d inventor i am looking at the surface pro i7 16 gb and a 500 harddrive. your thoughts and any suggetion please

  5. Today or maybe tomorrow Im about to buy a 15inches 2 in 1 laptop (16to32gb RAM, and 500gb SSD), HP Envy x360 may be the winner a you just say HOLD!!!!! OMG… Im can wait, sinze a friend of me is travelling to USA and bring it to me. So witch one would you all recommend?

  6. Can you review the HP-Pavilion x 360 14-cd0017ns? I've been told both that you could and couldn't add a secondary drive in the space left in the right corner when opened, and that the stylus was and wasn't included in the box, and that it was and wasn't precise enough to trace thin lines accurately on the screen. Not even at the official shop they know about this. Thanks in advance. If you decide to review it let me know! 🙂

    I was looking for a powerful convertible with dedicated graphics to edit full hd video and work with audio, drawind the midi notes in the screen with the stylus. 12 GB RAM minimum.

  7. Will you suggest Ultrabook with 7th or 6th gen processor at budget of $500? Is the jump from 6th to 7th gen worth the money? I'll be using it as day to day web surfing and excel task.

  8. Well Lisa, It's getting near the end of June. I bought a 2016 Macbook Pro because of the great price BH Video was offering but only in the last month have I actually used the keyboard for for long period of time. I HATE it and I hate the fact I'm so behind the curve when it comes to CPU. Since it really doesn't look like Apple will be updating until September, do you suggest waiting util then (and paying at least $700 more than I want to spend) or is there something windows you would recommend. The Huawei and Dell XPS webcams scare me away (even though I'm not really a webcam guy) and I would love the X1 Carbon but the price combined with non-discrete graphics make me question it. Thanks for the great videos. You are my go to when it comes to youtube.


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