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Le Dell XPS 15 9750 est-il le portable idéal? Jusqu'à un processeur Intel Core i9, 32 Go de RAM et GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q, cet ordinateur portable puissant est idéal pour les éditeurs vidéo 4K et les jeux en Full HD. Alors, est-ce une grande mise à niveau et devriez-vous acheter le nouveau 2018 XPS 15 9570? Amazon US:

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  1. While I'm all for more horsepower under the hood? I'm also practical, and an i9? is just a heat generator, so I would pass on that, as for the 4K screen?…I would take it minus the touchscreen option. (you think Carbon Fiber is a fingerprint magnet?…try touching up your 4K screen a few time a day!…better walk with some glass cleaner on your person at all times.!….LoL!) So…for me?…the ideal version of this laptop would be:

    32GB RAM
    500GB SSD
    matte finish display

    THAT makes better sense to me, as I'm not a video-photo-content creator, but a fledgling programmer, and touching my screen is something I almost NEVER do (unless I'm cleaning it!)

    Besides….$2400 DOLLARS!?…that's more than my MORTGAGE payment!….so unless they configure one like what I've just described?…I'll have to pass and just dream about owning one of these!…..LoL!

  2. If i could upgrade every year i would get this or the surface book 2 15 but i cant and for the next 3 or 4 years a 105ti isnt going to hold up. And the 15watt quad core in the sb2 wont either but the 6 core and 170 max q in the aero 15x hopefully will

  3. Thank you for the video. I like your videos.

    From my point of view, the experience was not good, unfortunately.

    About components and performances, the Dell XPS 15 9570 is fine: core i9, Gefore 1050 Ti, 32 Mo RAM, écran FHD, SSD PCI M.2 1To, …
    Of course any laptop with this kind of specs will be the same at the first glance! Then depending on which manufacturer, the components come from, it will do the difference in time.

    What we are expecting from the brand it is a very high quality of the build, the case, the screen and material (stability, light weight, battery life and autonomy, robustness, screen quality, keyboard ergonomy).

    From my first days of usage : web, office, programming / web developpement / database, photo edition (novice). I was very disappointed!
    – keyboard: not ergonoic, keys seem too fragile, sensitivity too light. In my case, the keyboard was defective. 2 keys were not working.
    – wifi: instability. I am disconnected twice a day. With my previous Alienware Mx14 (2013) I had never disconnection, really!
    – strange noises sometimes. Like "electronic" sounds.
    – heat: randomly the fans seem to work very high trying to level down the temperature, but after several minutes, it did not cooldown. So, I just close all applications and restart the system, relaunch all applications and it is running fine for many hours.
    – external shell: bad quality, bright, weak to marks, stripes. I do not have the feeling there is carbon fiber!
    – battery: in my case, I can work 3 hours. So bad! Charging is fast.
    – fans: aeration grid under the shell. I prefer laptop with large grid behind (not below, not at the side). When you put the laptop on your knees, on sofa, bed, if grid are under the shell, the heat is not well expulse.
    – camera: at the bottom of the screen! What? And so slider to hide the camera
    – return product process: heal!

    After 10 days, I asked to return the product. I am still waiting for Del. They answered me in different ways to leave me waiting: "I am not in charge of this", "please contact this support team", "I was not able to reach my colleague", "We are dealing with your request, please wait, …".
    All these kind of e-mail and answers at the phone.

  4. Please Do a review for the Dell Percison 5530, for those who need quadro (open gl) graphic cards. If not, please review something similar. The marginalized architecture students need to know of if the Percison 5530 is worth the bank loan 😅, or is it going to overheat and crumble in the thin chassis. look at the i7, because we know that the i9 will definitely defeat itself!!

  5. I have the L521x – I have had this since 2012. I love this XPS15, it's a workhorse, never has issues, the quality is there with fit and finish, it looks like a macbook in a lot of ways. Boots lightning fast. I really am torn about doing some upgrading or getting the new one. There's literally nothing wrong with this machine and it runs WIN7 Pro which is awesome. The 4k new model is tempting. I need to feel it and see how it feels in person. Is it as solid aluminum feeling as mine?

  6. +The Tech Chap, are you planning on reviewing it again after three months like you did with the OnePlus 6? It'd be nice to know how it compares with all the other laptops you've been testing these past months. Also, some people mention all kinds of problems, from screen light bleeding to thermal constrains to games crashing, did you suffer any of those?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  7. All great till the piece of shit breaks down & Dell send out a so called tech who gets paid $18AUD per job & speaks broken english. I wonder if Micheal Dell would fix his piece of shit for $18AUD. Stop ripping off ya workers Dell

  8. USD -GBP exchange rate sounded really bad (2:10) or we get bumped in the UK! Really interested in this laptop tho but can anyone suggest an alternative? Can’t for the life of me find anything with as much power for the money.

  9. I need a good laptop for film production class/editing and I was looking at the Xps would the i7 processor full hd with the same graphics card 16gb ram and 256 storage(with a cheap external ssd) be good for mainly working with premiere and photoshop? Also is the drop off between the 4K and the full hd a huge noticeable difference? And do I really need it it’s like 400 more

  10. Hello, Brilliant Review. I was in a confusion in getting a new laptop for my photo editing purposes. I think the 4k screen and the performance is well suited for a photo editing experience. Do u agree?

  11. The laptop not turning off properly when put into a bag is a serious issue I had with my Precision laptop with the same design. After doing this numerous times, the battery eventually overheated and exploded. I was told by Dell that this was a problem with the Motherboard. They repaired it because it was under warranty, but it is troubling that this is still an issue. I stopped using this laptop to travel with. (I got an XPS 13 instead.) If you are traveling a lot don't get this laptop. Get the XPS 13 instead.


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